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2022 Sponsor An Artist

Kalam Patua

Kalam Patua India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Self-Taught Kalighat Painter Dedicates Himself to Reviving the Craft Kalam Patua is a postmaster in Rampurhat, a small town in West Bengal, India. He worked hard to achieve his position, but this is […]

Gilberto Granja: Granja Workshop   

Gilberto Granja: Granja Workshop    Colombia/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving Preserving the Endangered Art of Mopa Mopa The mopa-mopa is a shrub-like tree that grows in the highland jungle of the Tropical Andes. It lends its name to a decorative technique utilizing its […]

Antonila Ramos Bautista: Arara

Antonila Ramos Bautista: Arara Colombia/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving Unique Dolls Celebrate Young Women Coming of Age In the Amazon rainforest community of Arara, Colombia, the indigenous Tikuna people practice an ancient coming-of-age ceremony known as the Pelazón through which girls entering […]

Djamol Temirov

Djamol Temirov Uzbekistan/Rugs, Sponsored Artist Re-energizing and Re-envisioning Traditional Uzbek Rugs Through Repair Within the 16th-century trading domes in the heart of Bukhara, artisans from Uzbekistan and across Central Asia set up stores and workshops offering their wares to locals […]

Aho Amerika

Aho Amerika New Zealand/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Maintaining Maori Cultural Connections Abroad Two Māori wahine living in the United States, Karley Brown and Kapotahi Tuahine-Frederikson, make up the artistic duo Aho Amerika. Karley has lived in the US since 2013. Her […]

Academia de Rebozo Mexiquense 

Academia de Rebozo Mexiquense  Mexico/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Wrapped in the Trappings of Mexican Culture Carlos Amador Lopez Bringas is a fourth generation rebozo maker from Tenancingo, Mexico. A rebozo is a long, flat, woven garment like a shawl, primarily worn […]

Fahd Khatri

Fahd Khatri India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Reviving the Handmade Intricacy of Tie-dyed Textiles Bandhani is a type of tie-dyed textile developed by the Indus Valley Civilization of South Asia thousands of years ago. For generations, the creation of bandhani textiles was […]

Alba Jeny Calambas Ussa: Kansuy Craftswomen 

Alba Jeny Calambas Ussa: Kansuy Craftswomen  Colombia/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Handmade Bags Carry Cultural Traditions Weaving has always been an important part of the Misak indigenous community’s cultural heritage. Children are taught to weave and crochet by their mothers who learned […]


MAWO Argentina/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Wichilenay Weaving: Handmade Goods from the Wichi People of Argentina Mawo, which means “mountain fox,” is the brand of the indigenous Wichi Tribe located in the province of Formosa in northern Argentina. The Wichi practice of […]

Ricardo & Elsa Linares Garcia 

Ricardo & Elsa Linares Garcia  Mexico/3D Art, Sponsored Artist Dreaming Up Chimeric Cartonería Fearsome and fantastic creatures, colorful chimeras constructed by hand from paper, paint, and glue known as alebrijes are the legacy of the late Mexican Master Folk Artist, […]

Tomás Bernal Cruz  

Tomás Bernal Cruz   Mexico/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving ¡Qué Divertido! Imaginative Toys Made From Natural Materials Tomás Bernal Cruz learned to work with river reeds as a young man growing up in the small town of San Jacinto Amilpas in Oaxaca. His […]

Juan Zeferino Rivera  

Juan Zeferino Rivera   Mexico/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving The Self-Sustaining Toy Making Tradition of Temalacatzingo Temalacatzingo, a large village in the municipality of Olinalá, sits high in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico. The community is nearly 95% indigenous, and the majority of […]

RaasLeela Textile   

RaasLeela Textile    India/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Sustainably Handmade Contemporary Couture from India RaasLeela is a concept-based brand from Gujarat, India that specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly, hand-sewn and embroidered garments, accessories, and textiles for the home. The team of […]


Sahtian The Russian Federation/Leatherwork, Sponsored Artist Mosaic Leather Boots from the Distinctive Tatar Culture The Republic of Tatarstan sits between the Volga River and Ural Mountains in the Eastern European region of the Russian Federation. It’s multi-ethnic capital city of […]

Wounaan Craft Group

Wounaan Craft Group Colombia/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Weaving Resilient Community Bonds to Survive Shared Hardships Wounaan people have resided on the banks of the San Juan River near Colombia’s Pacific coast for centuries, but recent territorial violence between several factions vying […]

Deisy Liliana Ortiz: Asociación Morros Joyeros

Deisy Liliana Ortiz: Asociación Morros Joyeros Colombia/Metal Jewelry, Sponsored Artist Honoring the Beauty of Tumaco’s Afro-Columbian Culture Through Jewelry In the coastal Colombian municipality of Tumaco, Asociación Morros Joyeros (Moorish Jeweler’s Association) specializes in the creation of fine filigree jewelry. […]

José de Jesús Alvarez Nogal

José de Jesús Alvarez Nogal Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Polychromatic Pottery with Multicultural Influences, Rooted in pre-Hispanic Tradition Tonalá is a municipality in the Guadalajara metropolitan area known as a center for Mexican handicrafts—especially the highly-decorative pottery of Jalisco. Its massive […]

Talavera de la Reyna

Talavera de la Reyna Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist 21st Century Talavera The story of majolica pottery is one of international and intercultural conquest, exchange, and adaptation. Perhaps influenced by the opaque white underglazes of Chinese ceramics, the methods of majolica emerged […]

Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar

Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Colorful Ceramic Figures Represent Zapotec Culture and Community  Once a week, Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar and her family grab their picks and shovels to go digging for clay on their property. After collecting […]

Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz

Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Recovering Pigments from the Past Multi-award winning artist Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz recalls playing with clay at four years old while her parents, Delfina Cruz Díaz, a potter, and Ernesto Vásquez Reyes, a […]

Tomomi Kamoshita

Tomomi Kamoshita Japan/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist A New Take on the Ancient Art of Mending The Japanese art of kintsugi, meaning “gold joinery,” originated in the 14th century. A manifestation of the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of the imperfect […]

Centro de Artesanas de Chaiguao

Centro de Artesanas de Chaiguao Chile/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Traditional Baskets from the Chiloé Archipelago Basket weaving has held a central role in the daily life of the Chilota culture from the island of Chiloé for generations. Woven from local long […]

Rajan Bhimji Vankar

Rajan Bhimji Vankar India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Colorful Textiles Offer Protection from the Kutch Desert In the arid terrain of the Kutch District on the India-Pakistan border agricultural cultivation can be difficult, so craft is a way of life. Weaving is […]

Pushpa Kumari

Pushpa Kumari India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Drawing Intricate Lines Between Past and Present According to Indian legend, Madhubani painting originated during the wedding of the divine couple at the heart of the Ramayana, Lord Rama and Sita, daughter of […]

TAWC: Tally Assuit Women’s Collective

TAWC: Tally Assuit Women’s Collective Egypt/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Stitching the Social Fabric of Women’s Empowerment In homes in Sohag, Asyut, and Cairo, intergenerational groups of women artisans, aged 16 to 70, gather to recreate a social and artistic Egyptian tradition. […]

Bhaskar Chitrakar

Bhaskar Chitrakar India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Classical Indian Painting with a Comical Contemporary Twist The tradition of Kalighat painting originated in the 19th century around a temple of the same name, sacred to the Hindu goddess Kali. Derived from […]

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, Antonio Coche Mendoza, Yensi Azucena Coche Quic

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, Antonio Coche Mendoza, Yensi Azucena Coche Quic Guatemala/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Vibrant Traditions of Family, Ancestry, and Community San Juan La Laguna in Sololá, Guatemala has been inhabited by Tz’utujil Mayans for generations. It has long […]

Hannele Köngäs: Waveweaver`s Wool

Hannele Köngäs: Waveweaver`s Wool Finland/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Interwoven Threads of Natural & Historical Finland Most mornings, Hannele Köngäs starts her day with a walk in the woods, finding calm and creative inspiration from the natural landscape of the […]

Ferney Mejia Dura | Asociación Gloria De Dios

Ferney Mejia Dura | Asociación Gloria De Dios Colombia/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Separated Factions of the Eperara Siapidaara Ethnic Group Are Joined by Ancestral Craft According to the traditions of the Eperara Siapidaara ethnic group, mothers began teaching their daughters the […]