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Meet the Artists of the 2022 International Folk Art Market Santa Fe

Ferney Mejia Dura | Asociación Gloria De Dios

Ferney Mejia Dura | Asociación Gloria De Dios Colombia/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Separated Factions of the Eperara Siapidaara Ethnic Group Are Joined by Ancestral Craft According to the traditions of the Eperara Siapidaara ethnic group, mothers began teaching their daughters the […]

Familia Lorenzo

Familia Lorenzo Mexico/3D Art, Painting & Drawing For La Familia Lorenzo, folk art is a family affair The Lorenzo family of Guerrero, Mexico is unique among Mexican retablo-makers. Not only does the multi-generational group of artisans work together, the group […]

Dairan Fernández de la Fuente

Dairan Fernández de la Fuente Cuba/Painting & Drawing Gorgeous wood-block prints tell stories both old and new Working in his Downtown Havana studio, Taller de Gráfica Experimental, Cuban artist Dairan Fernández de la Fuente creates relief prints steeped in the […]

Carol Fernández Tinoco and Fernando Ernesto Castro Chávez | Amapolay

Carol Fernández Tinoco and Fernando Ernesto Castro Chávez | Amapolay Peru/Apparel A new urban folk culture takes root in Lima Upon first glance, the brightly colored, graphic designs of AMAPOLAY look purely contemporary. Nevertheless, this Lima, Peru-based collective uses screen-printing—a […]

Florencia Espinal Ramírez and Vicente Castillo Dionicio

Florencia Espinal Ramírez and Vicente Castillo Dionicio Mexico/Sculpture Preserving the lacquer traditions of Olinalá Long before the Spanish arrived in Mexico, indigenous people created artworks as ingenious as they were visually appealing. Continuing that tradition today are master woodcarvers Florencia […]

Gohar Sajid

Gohar Sajid Pakistan/Textiles for Home The colorful and skillful joy of phulkari embroidery In rural Pakistan, the artist collective Sabah creates a range of intricately beautiful woven goods, the vast majority of which are made by women. The organization is […]

Haiti Projects Inc.

Haiti Projects Inc. Haiti/Apparel, Textiles for Home Old World needlework plus Haitian creativity equals exquisite textiles Non-profit organization Haiti Projects is steadfastly focused on financially empowering women in rural Haiti through focused initiatives that encourage creativity, education, health, and building […]

Elisa Ayala & Josué Eleazar Castro Razo | Elisa Ayala y Josué Castro

Elisa Ayala & Josué Eleazar Castro Razo | Elisa Ayala y Josué Castro Mexico/Sculpture A mechanical engineer brings movement and magic to folk sculpture The historic city of Salamanca, Mexico, is home to a fascinating blend of Indigenous and colonial […]

Shalini Karn

Shalini Karn India/Painting & Drawing Madhubani Painting: From the Forest of Honey to the Modern World According to Hindu legend, Madhubani painting originated during the wedding of the divine couple at the heart of the Ramayana, Lord Rama and Sita, […]

Marco Antonio Ruiz

Marco Antonio Ruiz Mexico/Sculpture A childhood fascination becomes a master sculptor’s art Born in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, master artisan Marco Antonio Ruiz and his family lived in Mexico City for several years. It was here that he first fell in love […]

Lalaina Raharindimby: Ta’na’na Silk Madagascar

Lalaina Raharindimby: Ta’na’na Silk Madagascar Madagascar/Textiles for Home The stunning and sustainable beauty of Malagasy wild silk Madagascar is a tropical island nation known for its incredible biodiversity, but its environment, and by extension its people, have been negatively impacted […]

Timoteo Ccarita Sacaca and Benita Ccana Rojo

Timoteo Ccarita Sacaca and Benita Ccana Rojo Peru/Apparel, Textiles for Home Ancient cosmology in tapestry form Intricately detailed and often ecstatically colorful, the textiles produced by Cusco, a team of Peru-based artisans, led by married partners Timoteo Ccarita Sacaca and […]

Andrea Usai | KOKKU

Andrea Usai | KOKKU Italy/Metal Jewelry Millennia-old Sardinian filigree traditions flourishing today Master jewelers Andrea and Ansula Usai turned away from their modern jobs to learn the delicate and ancient craft of filigree metal work to rescue Andrea’s family’s business. […]

Abduljabbar Khatri & Abdullah Khatri | SIDR Craft

Abduljabbar Khatri & Abdullah Khatri | SIDR Craft India/Apparel A team of hundreds is behind the making of gorgeous bandhani creations Sidr Craft is a social, artisan-based enterprise established in 1992 and led by Abdullah and Abduljabbar Khatri. They employ […]

Adiv Pure Nature

Adiv Pure Nature India/Apparel Urban artisans turn temple flowers into prayerful natural dyes In the urban Mumbai community of East Andheri, India, time-honored connections to the materials and processes that produce natural dyes for vibrant Indian silks and cottons have […]

Aïssata Namoko | Coopérative Djiguiyaso

Aïssata Namoko | Coopérative Djiguiyaso Mali/Apparel, Textiles for Home 21st-century African indigo inspired by ancient Dogon tie-dye patterns Master textile artisan Aïssata Namoko of Mali first learned to sew from her mother, an accomplished seamstress, as an eight-year-old child. As […]

Farzana Sharshenbieva

Farzana Sharshenbieva Kyrgyzstan/Apparel Eye-Catching Ala-Kiyiz Wool Textiles and Coats For the nomadic peoples of Kyrgyzstan, sheep’s wool is a vital part of their daily lives, and felting is utilized in the creation of many aspects of their daily lives, and […]

Yesenia Yadira Salgado Téllez

Yesenia Yadira Salgado Téllez Mexico/Metal Jewelry The allure of Oaxacan silver filigree Oaxacan filigree, also known as cartoneado, is famous the world-over. For hundreds of years, artisans from this creatively fertile region of Mexico have been crafting breathtaking jewelry in […]

Amalia Gue | Cooperativa Ixbalamke

Amalia Gue | Cooperativa Ixbalamke Guatemala/Apparel, Textiles for Home Gauzy Hand-Loomed Garments Preserve Mayan Queqchi Culture Amalia Gue is the president of Ixbalam’ke, a cooperative dedicated to the production of textiles using traditional Mayan Queqchi weaving techniques. They live in […]

Anvar Kurbanov

Anvar Kurbanov Uzbekistan/Rugs Magic carpets from Bukhara “Carpets warm our heart and please our eyes,” is a saying in Uzbekistan that illustrates the importance of carpet-weaving for artisans like Anvar Kurbanov. The tradition of Uzbek carpet weaving goes back for […]

Armando Jimenez Aragon | Cuna De Artesanos

Armando Jimenez Aragon | Cuna De Artesanos Mexico/Sculpture Carrying on a brilliant family tradition Heading change as he is representing himself and his family, not his workshop. Corrections made to reflect this change in text. Residing in San Antonio Arrazola, […]

Asif Shaikh

Asif Shaikh India/Apparel, Textiles for Home A meticulous master’s marvelous needlework Employing meticulous needlework techniques, master Indian textile artist Asif Shaikh’s distinctive embroidered artworks have earned him numerous accolades. A descendant of textile and garment workers, he began pursuing embroidery […]

Agustin Cruz Prudencio

Agustin Cruz Prudencio Mexico/Sculpture A Master of Oaxacan Alebrijes Since childhood, master wood carver Agustin Cruz Prudencio has been surrounded by art. He recalls watching Day of the Dead processions, Christmas parades, and other community events in his hometown of […]

Blaise Cayol

Blaise Cayol France/Basketry Forgotten wicker weaving lives again To call Tavel, France, “romantic” doesn’t begin to do justice to this lushly scenic region in the southern part of the country. For hundreds of years, the area has been synonymous with […]

Bounkhong Signavong

Bounkhong Signavong Laos/Apparel Traditional textiles turned into innovative apparel Fashion designer Bounkhong Signavong was born in Lao PDR to working class parents. While he has lived a cosmopolitan life, traveling the globe for education and inspiration, his textile designs remain […]

Claudio Jimenez Quispe

Claudio Jimenez Quispe Peru/Sculpture Peruvian Retablos Entwine the Spiritual and the Everyday Originally from the Andean region of Ayacucho, Peru, Claudio Jimenez Quispe was born into a long line of retablistas, creators of traditional devotional artworks known as retablos. Retablos […]

Crucelina Chocho – Artesanías Kuperre

Crucelina Chocho – Artesanías Kuperre Colombia/Basketry Werregue palm baskets from the Wounaan people of Colombia Colombian basketry artist Crucelina Chocho Opua is a member of the Wounaan Indigenous group, which is native to parts of Central and South America. An […]

Edith Albarran Duque and Cesar Augusto Montes Rosales

Edith Albarran Duque and Cesar Augusto Montes Rosales Mexico/Metal Jewelry Purépecha jewelry traditions People of the Indigenous Purépecha group have been living in the lake-side town of Patzcuaro in central Michoacán, Mexico for generations. Unique among pre-Columbian cultures within the […]

Elhadji Mohamed Koumama

Elhadji Mohamed Koumama Niger/Metal Jewelry Intricate, gleaming Tuareg traditions For many generations going back hundreds of years, the Koumamas, a family of nomadic Tuareg silversmiths, traveled the Sahara selling their fine silver goods. In the 1970s, however, droughts caused the […]

Erkebu Djumagulova

Erkebu Djumagulova Kyrgyzstan/Sculpture Tender figures of felted wool With just under a million residents, Bishkek is the largest city in Kyrgyzstan, and is home to textile artist Erkebu Djumagulova. Bishkek, and Kyrgyzstan in general, is an area where felted wool […]

Firdose Ahmad Jan

Firdose Ahmad Jan India/Apparel The real pashmina The sumptuous textiles of master weaver Firdose Ahmad Jan are beloved for their exquisite patterning and unparalleled softness. Extending a centuries-old artistic tradition, Jan, who lives and works with his family in the […]

Gasali Adeyemo

Gasali Adeyemo Nigeria/Apparel, Textiles for Home Adire traditions of Nigeria Master adire artist, Gasali Adeyemo, creates beautiful fabric by the yard and clothing using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques from his home country of Nigeria. He specializes in making indigo-dyed […]

Luis Rodriguez Ricardo | El Grupo Bayate

Luis Rodriguez Ricardo | El Grupo Bayate Cuba/Painting & Drawing Lively arte naif from Cuba Mella, a town in southeastern Cuba, is the home of El Grupo Bayate, a cooperative of 20 self-taught oil painters working in the arte naif […]

Gulnora Odilova

Gulnora Odilova Uzbekistan/Apparel, Textiles for Home The floral styles of Shakhrisabz embroidery Gulnora Odilova resides in the city of Shakhrisabz, located in southern Uzbekistan. Over a decades-long career as a master beadworker, weaver, and embroiderer, Odilova has also taught her […]

Blanc de Noir & Co

Blanc de Noir & Co Laos/Metal Jewelry Silver dok phikoun flowers bring blessings Silverwork is an integral artform to both traditional and contemporary Lao culture. It goes back several centuries, and was a splendid part of court life. Many motifs […]

Hebron Glass

Hebron Glass Palestinian Territories/Glass An ancient art still practiced today Hamzeh Natsheh is a master glass-blower who heads his family business, Hebron Glass, along with his son, Hamdi. Residing in the Palestinian city of Hebron, the largest on the West […]

Hocine Bazine

Hocine Bazine Algeria/Rugs A Berber family tradition of carpets For centuries, the Berber people of North Africa have been known for their distinctive textiles. Traditionally, Berber carpets served utilitarian purposes, providing soft ground coverings for tents and more permanent dwellings. […]

Ilya Kazakov

Ilya Kazakov Kazakhstan/Metal Jewelry Ancient and modern Born and raised in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, multi-award-winning silversmith Ilya Kazakov is reinventing a jewelry tradition that dates back to the Bronze Age. Taking inspiration from his surroundings and working in copper, silver, wood, […]

Jabulile Nala

Jabulile Nala South Africa/Ceramics The art of Zulu pottery South Africa is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse population, and complex history. It’s understandable that a region so diverse and culturally rich is home to master artists like Jabulile […]

Janmamad Salemamad Luhar

Janmamad Salemamad Luhar India/Metal Three centuries of bell making Janmamad Salemamad Luhar belongs to the Muslim Luhar community of Zura, where for generations, his family has made sturdy and beautiful iron-coated copper bells, many adorned with ancient geometric symbols and […]

José Luis Reyes Martínez

José Luis Reyes Martínez Mexico/ Enchanted sculptures from an enchanting family San Antonino Castillo Velasco is a town in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca where deeply-rooted Zapotec ceramics traditions stretch back to pre-Hispanic times. It is the hometown of artist […]

Jose German Punzo Nuñez | The Punzo Family

Jose German Punzo Nuñez | The Punzo Family Mexico/Metal, Sculpture Coppersmiths of Michoacan The large Nuñez family lives in a small town about an hour and a half from Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, Mexico. Copper and silver work is […]

Josnel Bruno

Josnel Bruno Haiti/Metal, Sculpture Inventive recycling from Croix des Bouquets “When I was young, my mother had her hands full with me, as I was a difficult child with too much energy,” admits Haitian sculptor Josnel Bruno. “She would leave […]

Julio Laja Chichicaxtle | Manteles Bordados Otomí Hechos A Mano

Julio Laja Chichicaxtle | Manteles Bordados Otomí Hechos A Mano Mexico/Textiles for Home Mythical flora and fauna come to life At ten years old, Julio Laja Chichicaxtle’s grandmother introduced him to Otomí embroidery, an artistic tradition with an ancient history […]

Karim Oukid Ouksel

Karim Oukid Ouksel Algeria/Metal Jewelry Enamel and silver traditions of Kabylia Master jeweler Karim Oukid Ouksel was born in the tiny Berber village of Ath Yani, Algeria. Though small, Ath Yani has a centuries-old status as a producer of highly […]

Luis Alberto Cano | L.A. CANO

Luis Alberto Cano | L.A. CANO Colombia/Metal Jewelry Pre-Columbian motifs rendered in gold jewelry In the lushly beautiful city of Rionegro, master jeweler Luis Alberto Cano runs artist collective Precoarte, which for decades has been focused on preserving ancient, indigenous […]

Leandro Gomez Quintero

Leandro Gomez Quintero Cuba/Sculpture Moving forward with handmade vehicles Artist and history professor, Leandro Gomez Quintero, creates uncanny miniature model vehicles so finely detailed they include marks of wear-and-tear on interior upholstery and engine cables under car hoods. He began […]

Lesia Pona, Olga Pona, Oleg Pona, Nataliya Tereshchak, Katerina Tereshchak, Valentina Zamulinska | Pokuttya Folk Art

Lesia Pona, Olga Pona, Oleg Pona, Nataliya Tereshchak, Katerina Tereshchak, Valentina Zamulinska | Pokuttya Folk Art Ukraine/Apparel Pokuttya embroidery traditions There are many rich and beautiful folk art traditions from Ukraine: carpet weaving, embroidery, decorative painting, pottery, and more. Laborious […]

Lider Rivera Matos & Tania Adelina Chocce

Lider Rivera Matos & Tania Adelina Chocce Peru/Beaded Jewelry The translucent beauty of horn Peruvian artisans Lider Rivera Matos and Tania Adeline Chocce make jewelry with very different but traditional materials: horn and silver. Lider began making simple items using […]

Luis Méndez López | Luis Méndez Artesanos

Luis Méndez López | Luis Méndez Artesanos Spain/Metal Jewelry The grand filigree of Salamanca The timelessly elegant jewelry of master Spanish artisan Luis Méndez López is inspired mainly by designs from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, when extravagant accessories […]

Madina Kasimbaeva

Madina Kasimbaeva Uzbekistan/Apparel, Textiles for Home The Tashkent style of suzani Tashkent, Uzbekistan is the home of weaver Madina Kasimbaeva, who runs a workshop that produces some of the most finely crafted textiles in the area. She provides employment for […]

Magdalena Pedro Martínez

Magdalena Pedro Martínez Mexico/Ceramics, Sculpture Traje en cerámica Working with the distinctive black clay indigenous to San Bartolo Coyotepec in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, Magdalena Pedro Martínez sculpts figures of women dressed in regional costumes. The black clay comes […]

Mamta Varma | Bhairvis Chikan

Mamta Varma | Bhairvis Chikan India/Apparel, Textiles for Home The traditional stitches of Lucknow Master textile artisan Mamta Varma was born and raised in Lucknow, India, the traditional home of fine chikan textiles. Varma’s passion for every kind of craft […]

María Concepción Ospina Gómez | Kayuusipaa

María Concepción Ospina Gómez | Kayuusipaa Colombia/Apparel, Textiles for Home The spiral-woven bags of the Wayúu María Concepción Ospina Gómez comes from Cabo de la Vela, located in La Guajira, Colombia, a region her family has inhabited for centuries. Today, […]

Marie Alexandrine Rasoanantenaina | Tahiana Creation

Marie Alexandrine Rasoanantenaina | Tahiana Creation Madagascar/Apparel, Basketry, Rugs, Textiles for Home Weaving together fragrant vetiver and recycled denim For 35 years, artisans at the Madagascar cooperative textile organization Tahiana Creation have been producing a range of natural-fiber products. Tahiana’s […]

Meeta Mastani

Meeta Mastani India/Apparel Traditional Rajasthani Block Printing for the 21st Century Meeta Mastani is an accomplished community leader, teacher, designer, and artist based in New Delhi. She says her life is in both rural and urban communities in India, as […]


Multicolores Guatemala/Rugs, Textiles for Home A new Maya textile tradition Multicolores, or many-colored, is about as fitting a name as possible for this artist cooperative from central Guatemala. Ecstatically-hued hooked rugs are transformed into pillows, footstools, baskets, and bags, lending […]

Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez | Centro De Textiles Tradicionales Del Cusco

Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez | Centro De Textiles Tradicionales Del Cusco Peru/Apparel, Textiles for Home Preserving Andean textile traditions Non-profit weaving cooperative El Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco (CTTC) employs hundreds of highly skilled artisans in the historically and culturally […]

Noshad Yousuf

Noshad Yousuf Pakistan/Sculpture Miniature Jingle Trucks Honor Contemporary Workers and Preserve Artistic Traditions Like many places in the world, Pakistan relies on the trucking industry to transport vital goods across the country. Noshad Yousuf recognizes the importance and symbolism of […]

Omba Arts Trust

Omba Arts Trust Namibia/Basketry, Beaded Jewelry Of ostrich eggshell jewelry and woven baskets Representing artists from several Namibian groups, the Omba Arts Trust provides rural artisans with a means of income and creative expression. For decades, Namibia has been struck […]

Porfirio Gutierrez and Juana Gutierrez Contreras | Porfirio Gutierrez y Familia

Porfirio Gutierrez and Juana Gutierrez Contreras | Porfirio Gutierrez y Familia Mexico/Rugs Natural ways and innovative ideas Porfirio Gutierrez is a California-based Zapotec textile artist and natural dyer, born and raised in the richly historic Zapotec textile community of Teotitlán […]

Sanjar Ravshanovich Nazarov

Sanjar Ravshanovich Nazarov Uzbekistan/Apparel, Textiles for Home Suzani traditions in skilled hands Third-generation master embroiderer Sanjar Ravshanovich Nazarov grew up watching his father and grandfather at work. Today, with his own team of artisans and apprentices, Nazarov runs a large […]

Joseph Serge Jolimeau

Joseph Serge Jolimeau Haiti/Metal, Sculpture A metal master with his own unique style In the Croix-des-Bouquets Arrondissement near Port-au-Prince Haiti, metal, fire, and muscle come together to make lithe mermaids, mythic lovers, and radiant sunbursts. These cut-and-embossed sculptures, fashioned from […]

Sidai Designs

Sidai Designs Tanzania/Beaded Jewelry Beading of the Arusha Maasai Beaded jewelry company, Sidai Designs, started working with Maasai artisans in 2011. What started as the endeavor of five women is now a thriving business with 19 full-time staff that work […]

Siju Shamji Vishram

Siju Shamji Vishram India/Apparel Traditional textiles of Kutch Artisan Siju Shamji Vishram was born into a veritable weaving dynasty. His hometown of Bhuj, India, is a hub for textile artisans, and in the middle of the twentieth century, his father […]

Pedro Meza Meza | Sna Jolobil

Pedro Meza Meza | Sna Jolobil Mexico/Apparel, Textiles for Home From the Maya highland of Chiapas Textile artist Pedro Meza and his community of 350 weavers create a range of items according to ancient Maya techniques and design influences which […]

Soledad Martha Hernández De Castillo | Taller Alfonso Castillo

Soledad Martha Hernández De Castillo | Taller Alfonso Castillo Mexico/Ceramics, Sculpture Puebla’s Tree of Life Soledad Martha Hernández de Castillo came from humble beginnings. She was born in Izúcar de Matamoros, a renowned pottery center in Puebla, Mexico. Before discovering […]

Somporn Intaraprayong

Somporn Intaraprayong Thailand/Apparel, Beaded Jewelry Sewing lives together Having experienced a difficult childhood, Somporn Intaraprayong learned how to become self-sufficient, but she also acquired empathy, especially towards women who have struggled to provide for themselves and their children. Somporn is […]

Ivan Dimitrov

Ivan Dimitrov Bulgaria/Woodcarving Exquisite artistry in wood Words can’t do justice to the intricate work of master woodcarver Ivan Dimitrov. His eye-catching three-dimensional art speaks to decades of dedicated practice, beginning with study under Bulgarian master woodcarvers. With lyrical titles […]

Hemangini Rathore | Sudarshan

Hemangini Rathore | Sudarshan India/Apparel Sudarshan means beautiful In Hindi, the word Sudarshan means beautiful.  In the ancient district of Jaipur, India, Sudarshan is also the name of a thriving artist collective founded by expert textile artisan Hemangini Singh with […]

Sulafa Embroidery Centre – UNRWA

Sulafa Embroidery Centre – UNRWA Palestinian Territories/Apparel, Textiles for Home New and old stitches from Gaza At Sulafa Embroidery Center in Gaza, Palestine, hundreds of female refugees produce modern, embroidered textiles while maintaining traditional artistic styles. Sulafa would not be […]

Tentmakers of Cairo

Tentmakers of Cairo Egypt/Textiles for Home From the Classical era to the present day For the world’s nomadic peoples, portable spaces to take shelter and rest have been a crucial, centuries-old aspect of everyday life that continues today in many […]

Thilak Reddy

Thilak Reddy India/Apparel, Textiles for Home Artistically within the Kalamkari tradition Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted cotton textile traditionally produced in Iran and India. The word is Persian, and translates into drawing with a pen, a simple-enough sounding technique, […]

Tintsaba Master Sisal Weavers

Tintsaba Master Sisal Weavers Swaziland/Basketry, Beaded Jewelry Sisal binds together ancient traditions and new colors Comprising hundreds of female artisans, many from rural areas of Swaziland, the Tintsaba Master Sisal Weavers collective was established in 1985 as a basket weaving […]

Valentin Alarcon

Valentin Alarcon Ecuador/Apparel The real Panama comes from Ecuador Across the globe, people wear hats as a cultural signifier, a style statement, or simply as a practical measure to stave off the sun. Across South and Central America, brimmed hats […]

Zarina Kendjaeva

Zarina Kendjaeva Uzbekistan/Textiles for Home Natural threads embroidered into stunning suzani Bukhara, Uzbekistan is beloved the world over for its wealth of artforms. It’s here, in this ancient city, that Zarina Kendjaeva’s traditional suzani embroidery both expands upon traditional floral […]

Ms. Firuza Khamraeva, Mr. Fattillo Kendjaev, Ms. Zarina Kendjaeva, Rustam Abdullaev, Ms. Gulrukh Kendjaeva, Mr. Nizomjon Sadulaev | School of Traditional Carpet Weaving, Embroidery & Natural Dyeing Supported by Unesco

Ms. Firuza Khamraeva, Mr. Fattillo Kendjaev, Ms. Zarina Kendjaeva, Rustam Abdullaev, Ms. Gulrukh Kendjaeva, Mr. Nizomjon Sadulaev | School of Traditional Carpet Weaving, Embroidery & Natural Dyeing Supported by Unesco Uzbekistan/Rugs Making traditional Uzbek rugs and teaching the next generation […]

Juan Isaac Vásquez García, Jerónimo Vásquez Gutiérrez, Isaac Vásquez Gutiérrez, And Wilmer Vásquez Luis | Isaac Vasquez Studio

Juan Isaac Vásquez García, Jerónimo Vásquez Gutiérrez, Isaac Vásquez Gutiérrez, And Wilmer Vásquez Luis | Isaac Vasquez Studio Mexico/Rugs Zapotec master weavers of Teotitlán del Valle The small community of Teotitlán del Valle in the foothills of the Sierra Juárez […]

Roberto Domingo Gil Esteban

Roberto Domingo Gil Esteban Cuba/Painting & Drawing A record of life in Cienfuegos “Naïve Art” is a deceptive term. It originated with European and North American art critics to describe the “primitive” or “childish” work of artists who may be […]


Salaheddin Syria/Glass Recycled glass from Syria Since 2004, Salaheddin’s Syrian artisans have been crafting finely wrought, imminently practical glassware and other objects in a manner traditional to the region. Though its artists hail from Damascus, Aleppo, and other Syrian cities, […]

Zsuzsa Zsigmond

Zsuzsa Zsigmond Hungary/Apparel, Textiles for Home Old world textiles woven the old school way Zsuzsa Zsigmond’s loom-woven textiles – as meticulously designed and understated as they are – may at first glance look strictly contemporary, but they are rooted in […]

Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery

Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery Turkey/Apparel, Textiles for Home Ancient embroideries and modern ideas Renowned textile expert and gallerist, Mehmet Cetinkaya, and his team of weavers, dyers, and embroiderers use centuries-old techniques and traditional tools to make colorful hats, kaftans, and tapestries. […]

Gary González | Taller Centro Artesanal Del Sombrero Wayúu

Gary González | Taller Centro Artesanal Del Sombrero Wayúu Colombia/Apparel, Basketry Cultural preservation meets cultural relevance The technique of hat weaving by the Wayúu people of northern Colombia has been passed down for generations from elders to children. Traditionally, the […]

Leonidas Gutiérrez | Artesanías Koreguaje Pairepa

Leonidas Gutiérrez | Artesanías Koreguaje Pairepa Colombia/Textiles for Home Handwoven traditions from the Amazon The jigra is an important item for the Koreguaje people of Colombia’s Amazon rainforest. Leonidas Gutiérrez and Artesanías Koreguaje Pairepa, and an informal group of community […]


Clandestina Cuba/Apparel DIY from the heart of Cuba Recycling and upcycling have long been popular in Cuba, as resources are limited in the politically and geographically isolated island nation. Artists without access to new materials get creative with what they […]

Guillermo Estrada Viera

Guillermo Estrada Viera Cuba/Painting & Drawing Engraving new life into found objects The work of Guillermo Estrada Viera is a creative combination of two completely unrelated traditions in Cuba: wood engraving and government rations. Woodcut printing has a long and […]

Gabriel Bien-Aimé

Gabriel Bien-Aimé Haiti/Sculpture Playful sculptures reveal deeper cultural roots and masterful execution Gabriel Bien-Aimé was born in Croix-des-Bouquets, widely considered the cradle of Haitian cut-out metal sculpture, thanks to artists such as Georges Liautaud. His works portray a playful sense […]

Adil M. Khatri and Zakiya Adil Khatri

Adil M. Khatri and Zakiya Adil Khatri India/Apparel A bandhani connection of family and tradition Using a variety of dying techniques taught to them by their family members, married partners Adil and Zakiya Khatri create richly colored, patterned, and textured […]

Lai By Puja Bhargava Kamath

Lai By Puja Bhargava Kamath India/Metal Jewelry Telling the story of folk art through jewelry Steeped in Indian culture and folk art vocabulary, Lai, which means “beloved one” in Sanskrit, is a design-led collaboration working with artisan clusters in India […]

Anuradha Kuli | Naturally Anuradha

Anuradha Kuli | Naturally Anuradha India/Apparel, Textiles for Home Award winning textiles debunk stereotypes The hand-woven and naturally dyed textiles that form the basis of the Naturally Anuradha collection of shawls and pillow covers have origins that can be traced […]

Pachan Premjibhai Siju

Pachan Premjibhai Siju India/Apparel Weavings as witness to climate change For centuries the weavers of Kutch produced cotton and wool fabrics for nomadic Rabaris and settled Ahirs in a sustainable network of cultural exchange that went beyond commercial providers and […]

WomenWeave Charitable Trust

WomenWeave Charitable Trust India/Apparel, Textiles for Home A global platform for ancient handloom weaving In today’s global economy India’s ancient arts of handloom and rural weaving are in jeopardy. Threatened by demographic shifts and economic stresses, young weavers are abandoning […]

Maki Aizawa & Tsuyo Onodera

Maki Aizawa & Tsuyo Onodera Japan/Apparel Hands gather to create, protect, and sustain community Tsuyo Onodera, a master kimono maker, has been in the garment industry for more than sixty years. Together with her daughter, Maki Aizawa, she makes haori […]

Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez

Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez Mexico/Apparel Newly found inspiration in the traditional shawls of Tlahuitoltepec Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez live in Tlahuitoltepec, a small, isolated town in the Mixe region of the mountains of Oaxaca. […]

Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez

Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez Mexico/Ceramics Love and livelihood sculpted in clay Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez met in Cuernavaca where Manuel was working for the artist Juan Soriano and Maricela was a cook […]

Manuel Jerónimo Reyes, José Manuel Jerónimo Ceja, and María Guadalupe Fabián Medina

Manuel Jerónimo Reyes, José Manuel Jerónimo Ceja, and María Guadalupe Fabián Medina Mexico/Ceramics A powerful new voice among a storied candelabra tradition Santa Fe de la Laguna is a small community in Michoacán known as a center of preservation for […]

Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias

Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias Peru/Textiles for Home Embracing the natural and spiritual world in design Kené is an ancient art representing nature and the living culture of the Shipibo-Konibo people of the Amazon basin. “Kené means ‘designs’ and is […]

Aziz Murtazaev, Crafts Studio IkatUz

Aziz Murtazaev, Crafts Studio IkatUz Uzbekistan/Apparel, Textiles for Home Traditional ikat meets inspired contemporary design In Indonesia, where the technique originated, the word ikat means “bind.” It refers to a method of resist-dyeing bound bundles of threads to create often-colorful […]

Cenia Gutierrez Alfonso

Cenia Gutierrez Alfonso Cuba/Painting & Drawing Mystical imagery paints Cuban dreams Preferring simplicity over subtlety, and bright, bold coloration, arte naif (naïve art) is generally practiced by self-taught painters. In Cuba, the style, rendered in vibrant hues, offers a unique […]

Julio Barbon Davis

Julio Barbon Davis Cuba/Painting & Drawing Connecting universally to traditional Cuban themes Julio Barbon Davis comes from the city of Cienfuegos on Cuba’s south coast, nicknamed La Perla del Sur, The Pearl of the South. The city’s historic center was […]

Fariza and Svetlana Sheisheeva | SAIMA

Fariza and Svetlana Sheisheeva | SAIMA Kyrgyzstan/Textiles for Home Petroglyph visions masterfully embroidered Sisters Svetlana and Fariza Sheisheeva started the Kyrgyzstan-based textile collective Art Group Saima to reflect ancient traditions and a distinctive style of weaving. Growing up in a […]

Pedro Ortega Lozano

Pedro Ortega Lozano Mexico/Mixed-Media Cut Paper Retablos Cut-paper retablos detail the significance of faith At first glance, one could be forgiven for thinking the precise and delicate paper designs created by Pedro Ortega Lozano were mechanically cut; however, a closer […]

ROOTS of South Sudan

ROOTS of South Sudan South Sudan/Apparel, Basketry, Beaded Jewelry, Sculpture Threading Connections Between South Sudan and the World After decades of war, South Sudan became the world’s newest nation in 2011. The Roots Project employs more than 80 women from […]

Mario Calderón

Mario Calderón Venezuela/Sculpture Masterful wooden toys speak to simpler handcrafted times Mario Calderón is a musician, toy collector, and one of the most celebrated handcrafted toymakers in Venezuela. For more than 30 years, he has been crafting magical toys of […]

Jerónimo Coll

Jerónimo Coll Argentina/Leatherwork Innovative leatherwork with traditional roots Traditionally known as soguería, Argentinean rawhide leather work extends back at least four centuries, originating in the region of the Río de la Plata. Its roots speak to the vital relationship between […]

Hannele Köngäs: Waveweaver`s Wool

Hannele Köngäs: Waveweaver`s Wool Finland/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Interwoven Threads of Natural & Historical Finland Most mornings, Hannele Köngäs starts her day with a walk in the woods, finding calm and creative inspiration from the natural landscape of the […]

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, Antonio Coche Mendoza, Yensi Azucena Coche Quic

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, Antonio Coche Mendoza, Yensi Azucena Coche Quic Guatemala/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Vibrant Traditions of Family, Ancestry, and Community San Juan La Laguna in Sololá, Guatemala has been inhabited by Tz’utujil Mayans for generations. It has long […]

Bhaskar Chitrakar

Bhaskar Chitrakar India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Classical Indian Painting with a Comical Contemporary Twist The tradition of Kalighat painting originated in the 19th century around a temple of the same name, sacred to the Hindu goddess Kali. Derived from […]

TAWC: Tally Assuit Women’s Collective

TAWC: Tally Assuit Women’s Collective Egypt/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Stitching the Social Fabric of Women’s Empowerment In homes in Sohag, Asyut, and Cairo, intergenerational groups of women artisans, aged 16 to 70, gather to recreate a social and artistic Egyptian tradition. […]

Pushpa Kumari

Pushpa Kumari India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Drawing Intricate Lines Between Past and Present According to Indian legend, Madhubani painting originated during the wedding of the divine couple at the heart of the Ramayana, Lord Rama and Sita, daughter of […]

Rajan Bhimji Vankar

Rajan Bhimji Vankar India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Colorful Textiles Offer Protection from the Kutch Desert In the arid terrain of the Kutch District on the India-Pakistan border agricultural cultivation can be difficult, so craft is a way of life. Weaving is […]

Centro de Artesanas de Chaiguao

Centro de Artesanas de Chaiguao Chile/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Traditional Baskets from the Chiloé Archipelago Basket weaving has held a central role in the daily life of the Chilota culture from the island of Chiloé for generations. Woven from local long […]

Tomomi Kamoshita

Tomomi Kamoshita Japan/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist A New Take on the Ancient Art of Mending The Japanese art of kintsugi, meaning “gold joinery,” originated in the 14th century. A manifestation of the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of the imperfect […]

Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz

Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Recovering Pigments from the Past Multi-award winning artist Enedina Seferina Vasquez Cruz recalls playing with clay at four years old while her parents, Delfina Cruz Díaz, a potter, and Ernesto Vásquez Reyes, a […]

Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar

Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Colorful Ceramic Figures Represent Zapotec Culture and Community  Once a week, Leticia Engracia Garcia Aguilar and her family grab their picks and shovels to go digging for clay on their property. After collecting […]

Talavera de la Reyna

Talavera de la Reyna Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist 21st Century Talavera The story of majolica pottery is one of international and intercultural conquest, exchange, and adaptation. Perhaps influenced by the opaque white underglazes of Chinese ceramics, the methods of majolica emerged […]

José de Jesús Alvarez Nogal

José de Jesús Alvarez Nogal Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Polychromatic Pottery with Multicultural Influences, Rooted in pre-Hispanic Tradition Tonalá is a municipality in the Guadalajara metropolitan area known as a center for Mexican handicrafts—especially the highly-decorative pottery of Jalisco. Its massive […]

Deisy Liliana Ortiz: Asociación Morros Joyeros

Deisy Liliana Ortiz: Asociación Morros Joyeros Colombia/Metal Jewelry, Sponsored Artist Honoring the Beauty of Tumaco’s Afro-Columbian Culture Through Jewelry In the coastal Colombian municipality of Tumaco, Asociación Morros Joyeros (Moorish Jeweler’s Association) specializes in the creation of fine filigree jewelry. […]

Wounaan Craft Group

Wounaan Craft Group Colombia/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Weaving Resilient Community Bonds to Survive Shared Hardships Wounaan people have resided on the banks of the San Juan River near Colombia’s Pacific coast for centuries, but recent territorial violence between several factions vying […]


Sahtian The Russian Federation/Leatherwork, Sponsored Artist Mosaic Leather Boots from the Distinctive Tatar Culture The Republic of Tatarstan sits between the Volga River and Ural Mountains in the Eastern European region of the Russian Federation. It’s multi-ethnic capital city of […]

RaasLeela Textile   

RaasLeela Textile    India/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Sustainably Handmade Contemporary Couture from India RaasLeela is a concept-based brand from Gujarat, India that specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly, hand-sewn and embroidered garments, accessories, and textiles for the home. The team of […]

Juan Zeferino Rivera  

Juan Zeferino Rivera   Mexico/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving The Self-Sustaining Toy Making Tradition of Temalacatzingo Temalacatzingo, a large village in the municipality of Olinalá, sits high in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico. The community is nearly 95% indigenous, and the majority of […]

Tomás Bernal Cruz  

Tomás Bernal Cruz   Mexico/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving ¡Qué Divertido! Imaginative Toys Made From Natural Materials Tomás Bernal Cruz learned to work with river reeds as a young man growing up in the small town of San Jacinto Amilpas in Oaxaca. His […]

Ricardo & Elsa Linares Garcia 

Ricardo & Elsa Linares Garcia  Mexico/3D Art, Sponsored Artist Dreaming Up Chimeric Cartonería Fearsome and fantastic creatures, colorful chimeras constructed by hand from paper, paint, and glue known as alebrijes are the legacy of the late Mexican Master Folk Artist, […]


MAWO Argentina/Basketry, Sponsored Artist Wichilenay Weaving: Handmade Goods from the Wichi People of Argentina Mawo, which means “mountain fox,” is the brand of the indigenous Wichi Tribe located in the province of Formosa in northern Argentina. The Wichi practice of […]

Alba Jeny Calambas Ussa: Kansuy Craftswomen 

Alba Jeny Calambas Ussa: Kansuy Craftswomen  Colombia/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Handmade Bags Carry Cultural Traditions Weaving has always been an important part of the Misak indigenous community’s cultural heritage. Children are taught to weave and crochet by their mothers who learned […]

Fahd Khatri

Fahd Khatri India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Reviving the Handmade Intricacy of Tie-dyed Textiles Bandhani is a type of tie-dyed textile developed by the Indus Valley Civilization of South Asia thousands of years ago. For generations, the creation of bandhani textiles was […]

Academia de Rebozo Mexiquense 

Academia de Rebozo Mexiquense  Mexico/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Wrapped in the Trappings of Mexican Culture Carlos Amador Lopez Bringas is a fourth generation rebozo maker from Tenancingo, Mexico. A rebozo is a long, flat, woven garment like a shawl, primarily worn […]

Aho Amerika

Aho Amerika New Zealand/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Maintaining Maori Cultural Connections Abroad Two Māori wahine living in the United States, Karley Brown and Kapotahi Tuahine-Frederikson, make up the artistic duo Aho Amerika. Karley has lived in the US since 2013. Her […]

Djamol Temirov

Djamol Temirov Uzbekistan/Rugs, Sponsored Artist Re-energizing and Re-envisioning Traditional Uzbek Rugs Through Repair Within the 16th-century trading domes in the heart of Bukhara, artisans from Uzbekistan and across Central Asia set up stores and workshops offering their wares to locals […]

Antonila Ramos Bautista: Arara

Antonila Ramos Bautista: Arara Colombia/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving Unique Dolls Celebrate Young Women Coming of Age In the Amazon rainforest community of Arara, Colombia, the indigenous Tikuna people practice an ancient coming-of-age ceremony known as the Pelazón through which girls entering […]

Gilberto Granja: Granja Workshop   

Gilberto Granja: Granja Workshop    Colombia/Sponsored Artist, Woodcarving Preserving the Endangered Art of Mopa Mopa The mopa-mopa is a shrub-like tree that grows in the highland jungle of the Tropical Andes. It lends its name to a decorative technique utilizing its […]

Kalam Patua

Kalam Patua India/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Self-Taught Kalighat Painter Dedicates Himself to Reviving the Craft Kalam Patua is a postmaster in Rampurhat, a small town in West Bengal, India. He worked hard to achieve his position, but this is […]

Janakpur Women’s Development Center

Janakpur Women’s Development Center Nepal/3D Art, Metal, Painting & Drawing Mithila Painting: Making a Living by Keeping a Sacred Cultural Custom Alive According to Hindu legend, Mithila painting originated during the wedding of the divine couple at the heart of […]

Cherry Buttons Cooperative

Cherry Buttons Cooperative Morocco/Beaded Jewelry Shared Traditions Empower Moroccan Women The city of Sefrou, Morocco likely derived its moniker from the Berber name, “Asfru,” which means “the solution.” In this city and its surrounding area, the Cherry Buttons Cooperative has […]

Mukhabbat Kuchkorova

Mukhabbat Kuchkorova Uzbekistan/Textiles for Home Reviving the Forgotten Symbolism of Lakai Culture The semi-nomadic Lakai tribe once inhabited Central Asia in the territory of the Bukhara Khanate, an area that crossed parts of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Over time and […]

Desiree Schaeffer: Casa de Artes

Desiree Schaeffer: Casa de Artes Guatemala/Apparel Ceremonial Huipiles from Mayan Guatemala Casa de Artes is a 50-year-old gallery dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional and authentic Mayan art from Guatemala located in the colonial city of Antigua. All of their […]

Moussa Albaka: Albaka Creations

Moussa Albaka: Albaka Creations Niger/Metal Jewelry Maintaining the Legacy of Tuareg Silversmithing Moussa Albaka is a Tuareg tribesman from Niger. While Moussa has now settled in Tucson, Arizona, his family was involved in trading via camel caravan throughout the Sahara […]

Mamur Rakhmanov

Mamur Rakhmanov Uzbekistan/Metal Jewelry The Ancient Aesthetics of Protective Adornment from Bukhara Mamur Rakhmanov, a jeweler from the ancient Uzbek city of Bukhara, has dedicated himself to creating elaborate earrings, brooches, and pendants in the iconic Bukhara style. Jewelry was […]

Mamerto Sanchez Cardenas

Mamerto Sanchez Cardenas Peru/Ceramics Traditional Ceramics Inherited from the Ayacucho Region of Peru Mamerto Sanchez Cardenas has lived an extraordinary life. He was born in the Ayacucho region of the Peruvian Andes, an area that has been inhabited for thousands […]

Aidai Asangulova

Aidai Asangulova Kyrgyzstan/Apparel Reviving the Traditional Arts of the Kyrgyz People Aidai Asangulova was raised in the tradition of felting; her grandmother was a well-known maker of felt carpets in the small village of Kyzul-Tuu in Kyrgyzstan during the waning […]

Dmitri Byzov

Dmitri Byzov Kyrgyzstan/Metal Jewelry Reviving the Traditional Arts of the Kyrgyz People Dmitri Byzov was born in Yakutia (Russia) and later moved back to his mother’s native country – Kyrgyzstan. Accompanying his wife, artisan Aidai Asangulova, Dmitri is bringing traditional […]

Levente Lehel Sütő

Levente Lehel Sütő Hungary/Woodcarving Ornate Carvings and Delicate Painted Details Make Transylvanian Woodwork Uniquely Charming Woodworking and furniture making has been in Levente Lehel Sütő’s family for 14 generations. Known throughout the Carpathian Basin of southeastern Europe, the Sütő family […]

Senia Jugi & ASEAN Handicraft Promotion Development Association

Senia Jugi & ASEAN Handicraft Promotion Development Association Malaysia/ Indigenous Weaving and Beading from Sarawak, Borneo Basketry, in all forms, is the most commonly used craft amongst the Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, and other Indigenous communities of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. […]

Akeem Ayanniyi

Akeem Ayanniyi Nigeria/3D Art, Leatherwork Yoruban Music and Craft Come Together in Mahogany Drums The Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria utilize drums throughout their daily lives for communication, music, and cultural dance. Unique drum designs produce unique sounds, and specific […]

Nanasei Agyemang     

Nanasei Agyemang      Ghana/Basketry Vibrant Ghanaian Baskets Come to Santa Fe via Colorado After living in the United States for 17 years and raising three boys with his beloved wife, Nanasei Agyemang decided to go back to his hometown of Bolgatanga […]

Dahyalal Kudecha

Dahyalal Kudecha India/Apparel Silk, wool, and cotton shawls, scarves and stoles For generations, the province of Gujarat, India has been synonymous with exquisitely soft and uniquely patterned textiles, from scarves and wearable items to home goods like tablecloths and placemats. […]

Evah Mudenda

Evah Mudenda Zimbabwe/Basketry Ilala Palm Baskets Evah’s ilala palm baskets are used for serving fruit and gathering eggs, as well as for decorative purposes. They are given as a traditional wedding gift, due to their fine beauty and practical uses. […]

Marco Antonio Leonardini Sierra, Maria Eugenia Gutierrez Villafan: Taller Laureke

Marco Antonio Leonardini Sierra, Maria Eugenia Gutierrez Villafan: Taller Laureke Bolivia/Metal Jewelry Honoring the inspiration that stems from dynamic Indigenous Andean and Spanish colonial histories La Paz, Bolivia, is the gorgeous setting for Taller Laureke, an artist cooperative whose focus […]

Roberto Benavidez

Roberto Benavidez United States/3D Art Serving homage to the piñata’s robust history Roberto Benavidez is a sculptor specializing in the piñata form. Prior to the piñata form he worked in metal-casting in an abstract figurative style. Benavidez exhibited his bronze […]

Carol Lujan

Carol Lujan United States/Ceramics, Glass Fusing contemporary and ancestral influences through clay and glass creations Carol Lujan, a clay and glass artist, is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and lives and works in both Arizona and New Mexico. She […]

Brandon Adriano Ortiz

Brandon Adriano Ortiz United States/Ceramics Micaceous pottery that is rooted in relations and place Brandon Adriano Ortiz is a traditional Taos Pueblo potter who specializes in working with the utilitarian micaceous clay body. Born in the shade of the Sangre […]

Waddie CrazyHorse

Waddie CrazyHorse United States/Metal Jewelry Amalgamations of old teachings and future visions A third-generation silversmith from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, Waddie Crazyhorse’s jewelry embodies the minimal yet powerful aesthetic. As an apprentice of his father, Cippy CrazyHorse, Waddie draws upon […]

Cristina Hernandez Feldewert

Cristina Hernandez Feldewert United States/Metal Transforming flat tin material into a myriad of functional objects A native of Santa Fe NM, Cristina is an award-winning artist who has been actively creating art for over 25 years.  Cristina began showing her […]

Avis Charley

Avis Charley United States/Painting & Drawing From ancestral homelands to city life Avis Charley (Spirit Lake Dakota/Diné) is a mother and an artist. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Charley is a painter and a ledger artist using […]

Elena Ladik

Elena Ladik Uzbekistan/Apparel Slow Fashion from the Fergana Valley Elena Ladik has always had a fondness for the sartorial. Perhaps this is because, growing up in post-war Ukraine, fashionable clothing was inaccessible, and as the youngest child in her family, […]

Zavkiddin Kamalov

Zavkiddin Kamalov Uzbekistan/Metal Uzbek Scissors: Elaborate Tools for Lavish Crafts Uzbek scissors are unlike any others in their extraordinary anthropomorphic design and customization. They are not merely tools for creation, but artworks in their own right. Zavkiddin Kamalov, a blacksmith […]

Shukurillo Kamolov

Shukurillo Kamolov Uzbekistan/Metal Bukhara Knives: Tools of Precision and Protection Shukurillo Kamalov is part of a talented family. He is a sixth-generation blacksmith and knife maker from the ancient city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The city was a center of scholarship, […]

Indigo by Olga Reiche

Indigo by Olga Reiche Guatemala/Apparel Eco-Friendly Fashion from Mayan Guatemala Olga Reiche first became familiar with Guatemalan weavers in 1978 while she traveled the country working for Oxfam International. She now lives in Antigua, where she heads the sustainable eco-fashion […]

Ulugbek Kosimov

Ulugbek Kosimov Uzbekistan/Rugs Uzbek Carpet Weaving: A Labor of Love and Preservation Based on the discovery of carpet knives in late Bronze Age graves in Central Asia, carpet making is thought to stretch back to the 14th century B.C.E.—but for […]