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Haiti Projects Inc.

Old World needlework plus Haitian creativity equals exquisite textiles

Non-profit organization Haiti Projects is steadfastly focused on financially empowering women in rural Haiti through focused initiatives that encourage creativity, education, health, and building sustainable community. Nestled in the remote mountain locale of Fond des Blancs, Haiti Projects is currently the second largest employer in a region where over 100,000 people live without access to public services. From elegantly patterned pillows with delicate versions of Vodou motifs, to equally eye-catching tablecloths with restrained palettes, to colorful crocheted dolls, Haiti Projects offers a uniquely artistic touch. The organization uses only the finest materials, including linen, canvas, crochet thread, and yarn all made from 100% cotton. Their lightweight cotton voile nightgowns are especially remarkable.

All products are hand embroidered, knitted, crocheted, or hemstitched. Some are pieced together using sewing machines. The production process starts with hand-drawing or stamping designs onto cotton or linen with washable ink. Once a design is transferred onto the fabric, it’s distributed to embroiderers to take home. After embroidery is complete, the piece is washed, ironed, and handed over to a seamstress for hem-stitching or other finishing touches.

In Fond des Blancs, women were historically taught embroidery skills by French nuns working in the region. While the nuns have long since left the region, the tradition of embroidery continues. For the last 20 years, Haiti Projects has further developed and enhanced the embroidery techniques of Haitian culture. They have enriched traditional styles with representations of flora and fauna local to Fond des Blancs, including birds, flowers, and bees.