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Dmitri Byzov

Reviving the Traditional Arts of the Kyrgyz People

Dmitri Byzov was born in Yakutia (Russia) and later moved back to his mother’s native country – Kyrgyzstan. Accompanying his wife, artisan Aidai Asangulova, Dmitri is bringing traditional Kyrgyz jewelry to the market. This jewelry is composed primarily of silver, and incorporates semiprecious stones such as coral, turquoise, and handmade glass. 

Dmitri graduated from professional college and has a degree as a diamond cutter. After a few years of practice, he opened his own workshop where he repaired antique pieces. Inspired by old-fashioned jewelry, he studied different techniques. Dmitri designs all of his jewelry and works with a small team of apprentices. He dreams of publishing a comprehensive archive of traditional Kyrgyz jewelry and jewelers. Aidai and Dmitri wish to use these artworks to preserve the tradition of the Kyrgyz people and to represent their country for the future, moving beyond the oppression of the past.