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Brandon Adriano Ortiz

Micaceous pottery that is rooted in relations and place

Brandon Adriano Ortiz is a traditional Taos Pueblo potter who specializes in working with the utilitarian micaceous clay body. Born in the shade of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Taos, New Mexico, Brandon’s work blends traditional materials with modern shapes and finishes. Formally trained as an architect, his pots balance aesthetics and function to create a usable piece of art. True to the nature of micaceous clay, Brandon’s work is largely form focused – decorated only by the smoke clouds imprinted during its outdoor firing. 

“I started ceramics on a whim and it has become such a central part of who I am. A teacher and a friend, it has guided me through stresses and into places I could have never dreamed. The clay is a teacher of patience, loss, and communication – it has changed the way in which I view the world and the way I live in it. These reflections are put into each pot and I hope that they bring as much joy into their future homes as they have into mine.” – Brandon Ortiz

Brandon is nominated by School for Advanced Research to represent the United States. Each year IFAM collaborates with six neighboring institutions to uplift our shared cultural values and U.S.-based folk artists.