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Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery

Ancient embroideries and modern ideas

Renowned textile expert and gallerists Mehmet Cetinkaya and his team make textiles with centuries-old origins and boldly-original patterns. As a graduate of the Belgian Royal Academy, where he studied art and graphic design, Cetinkaya uses his considerable artistic talents to assemble and maintain this adventuresome mix of  ancient patterns and design using all natural dyes and fibers, and traditional needle skills.

Research plays a huge part in Cetinkaya’s work. Poring over designs that stem back for centuries, he explores the geographical terrains of Central Asia, Anatolia, and the Caucasus for aesthetic inspiration. Informed by these ancient motifs, the collective’s artists make elegantly patterned and exquisitely colorful textiles suitable for the home–such as cushions and elaborate wall hangings–as well as items for personal wear, like shawls and traditional silk hats. No matter the item, patterns used are traditional and range from geometric motifs to floral designs.

Embroidery work is done using a circular wooden hoop, needles, scissors, and thimbles, and each item is made from one artist, from start to finish.