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Lesia Pona, Olga Pona, Oleg Pona, Nataliya Tereshchak, Katerina Tereshchak, Valentina Zamulinska | Pokuttya Folk Art

Pokuttya embroidery traditions

Ukraine’s Pokuttya Folk Art cooperative began in 2015 with the goal of preserving traditional artistic methods and styles of the region. Most of the group’s members are women. Pokuttya’s artisans make embroidered home textiles using only natural linen and cotton fabric. Some of their textile items, like table runners, carpeted seats, and cushions, are made on hand looms. Yarn comes from local sheep and is colored with natural dyes. To make these embroidered items, artisans use various techniques, including intricate lace work, cross-stitch, and many more highly specialized processes.

Embroidery is the most ancient kind of folk art in Ukraine. Every ethno-cultural region has its own ornamental style. In ancient times, the type of embroidery adorning someone’s clothing provided insight into where that person was from. The patterns of Pokuttya embroidery have been preserved from the distant past. While the color scheme changes in the course of centuries due to the influence of neighbors and industrial development, designs are much more static and closely related to the traditional techniques of manufacture. Rhomboids, rosettes, and different stylizations of the Christian cross, for instance, are the most typical embroidered embellishments of Pokuttya. Embroidery techniques are passed down from mother to daughter.