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Waddie CrazyHorse

Amalgamations of old teachings and future visions

A third-generation silversmith from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, Waddie Crazyhorse’s jewelry embodies the minimal yet powerful aesthetic. As an apprentice of his father, Cippy CrazyHorse, Waddie draws upon traditional silversmithing techniques and the artistic heritage of his grandfather, Joe H. Quintana. Featuring bold designs, Waddie shares that his jewelry is the amalgamation of old teachings and future visions. 

“He has spent his entire childhood learning from his father, his grandfather, and from respected artists from the community. Knowing his true trail-blazing heart, he has set out to see the world and be inspired by it. Creating as he goes, drawing down new ideas in his journal, and absorbing new cultures with every step. By combining his lust for new art and beauty while infusing the traditional methods of creating silver masterpieces, Waddie is truly creating something unique with every stroke of the hammer.”

Waddie is nominated by Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian to represent the United States. Each year IFAM collaborates with six neighboring institutions to uplift our shared cultural values and U.S.-based folk artists.