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Cristina Hernandez Feldewert

Transforming flat tin material into a myriad of functional objects

A native of Santa Fe NM, Cristina is an award-winning artist who has been actively creating art for over 25 years. 

Cristina began showing her tinwork with reverse glass painting in Traditional Spanish Market in 2006, then in 2011 began incorporating Straw Applique into her pieces with impressive results. Always pushing herself to learn and grow in her art, Cristina continually looks for new ways to combine the straw work with the tinwork and loves the silver and gold combinations she has designed.

The combination of traditional techniques, carefully applied paints, and patinas with attention to detail and design give Cristina’s pieces a timeless appeal.

Cristina is nominated by Museum of Spanish Colonial Art to represent the United States. Each year IFAM collaborates with six neighboring institutions to uplift our shared cultural values and U.S.-based folk artists.