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Shavkiddin Kamalov

Elaborate and rich designs of ancient knives

Shavkiddin Kamalov lives and works in the ancient city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, where, since childhood, he learned his family’s historic occupation of blacksmithing. In addition to his bustling workshop, Shavkiddin, together with his relatives, operates the Blacksmith’s Museum in the neighborhood of Kulyuta Caravansarai, with the aim of preserving Bukharan handicrafts. There, visitors can not only learn the history of the ancient blacksmith’s craft, but also participate in making their own metal items.

The history of blacksmithing in Uzbekistan spans hundreds of generations of expert craftsmen. In addition to the manufacture of utilitarian tools, Shavkiddin and his team of artisans produce items which have both practical and aesthetic applications. These include scissors with elaborately configured bird forms. When the user opens up the scissors to cut something, the bird’s beak becomes a set of twin blades. It’s usable artwork of the highest caliber. The artisan has also perfected the labor-intensive, ancient craft of knife-making. Gorgeously carved and sometimes inlaid wooden handles support elegantly curved, shimmering blades. Shavkiddin has said, “Life for us is an everyday search for new shapes, forms, and material to perfect and enhance our quality of work and craftsmanship.”

A sixth-generation blacksmith, he continues to break new ground with his workshop and museum. Along with his own father and two sons, Shavkiddin makes sure the integrity and rich tradition of Uzbek metallurgy will persevere for generations to come.