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David Sloan

Blending the traditional with the contemporary

David-Alexander Hubbard Sloan is a contemporary artist working in primarily 2-d visual arts.  His traditional introduction is Tódích’íi’nii (Bitter water clan), born for Irish & English American, with his maternal grandfather is of Tohono O’odham and Navajo tribes, and his paternal grandfather is of Irish/Scottish descent.  David was born and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He received his B.A. in 2-d Studio Arts, minoring in Environmental Science, from the University of Arizona in 2003. David currently co-manages a Santa Fe Community Screen Printing. He works in multiple mediums including painting, printmaking, silversmithing, and silk-screening. He has used his artwork to rediscover and address his Native heritage as well as issues with consumerism, colonialism, and the environment. 

“Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico of Dine and Anglo backgrounds has taught me that access to and passion for Native knowledge isn’t common. My daily life attending public schools in Santa Fe did not involve much native culture.” Sloan uses references to Diné and Tohono O’odham culture, which includes naming his work in the languages and drawing on traditional themes. “I often combine modern styles with old Navajo sandpainting type imagery and symbolism to reference a spiritual importance to the natural world and to speak to a new generation of viewers.” Sloan says, “My art addresses the mixing of cultures and aims to remind people of our connection to nature. I would like to be able to experience more Diné culture and to share it through art.”

IFAM thanks the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian for nominating David to join the 2021 Santa Fe Market.