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Anupama Bose

A vibrant revival of a vivid textile tradition

Designer Anupama Bose was born in Rajasthan, India, but for nearly twenty years, the bustling city of Jaipur has been her home. Bose’s richly colored, dynamically designed saris are informed by tradition and professional training at India’s National Institute of Design.

Bose incorporates block and vegetable printing with traditional methods of sari construction. In addition to creating wearable art, she is also an expert carpet designer and weaver, making a range of embroidered textiles as well as wool carpets and other home items. Bose’s skills also include techniques traditional to her homeland, such as Dori, Gota patti, and Danka styles of embroidery. Since 2005, she has run Atelier Anupama, a bespoke fashion line that has grown to feature items that range from couture bridal gowns to intricately patterned curtains. More recently, Bose learned a technique of tie-dyeing specific to Rajasthan called lehirya, a time-intensive process that yields dazzling pattern and color.