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2020 Sponsor An Artist

Yuliana Anin Fuka/ Asean Handicraft Promotion And Development Association

Yuliana Anin Fuka/ Asean Handicraft Promotion And Development Association Indonesia/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Breathtaking Fatumnasi textiles express cultural vibrancy Textiles are important expressions of culture and status in Indonesia and the people of West Timor produce an extensive variety. The traditional […]

Bakhtiyor Nazirov & Diyorbek Nazirov

Bakhtiyor Nazirov & Diyorbek Nazirov Uzbekistan/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist A confluence of material, history, and culture in the red clay of Rishtan Rishtan ceramic dishes have long been prized by Uzbek families, used for everyday meals and tea, as well as […]

Roman Zilinko

Roman Zilinko Ukraine/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Ukraine’s gift of creative inheritance “My artworks continue the tradition of the Ukrainian icon painting of the Carpathian region, which flourished in the 16th and 19th centuries,” explains artist Roman Zilinko. Icon painting […]

Ivan Bobkov

Ivan Bobkov Ukraine/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Discovering unexpected beauty in Ukrainian clay The art of Master potter and ceramicists Ivan Boibkov represents “the unity of the indigenous peoples of Ukraine–Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians.” Products, made of terra cotta or Ukrainian clay, […]

Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias

Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias Peru/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Embracing the natural and spiritual world into design Kené is an ancient art representing nature and the living culture of the Shipibo-Konibo people of the Amazon basin. “Kené means ‘designs’ […]

Andrea Velasco

Andrea Velasco Mexico/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Tzotzil craftswomen enter the world stage The Highlands of Chiapas is a region of outstanding cultural richness, its indigenous communities preserving the heritage of their pre-Hispanic ancestors through the traditions of complex embroidery and the […]

Manuel Jerónimo Reyes, José Manuel Jerónimo Ceja, and María Guadalupe Fabián Medina

Manuel Jerónimo Reyes, José Manuel Jerónimo Ceja, and María Guadalupe Fabián Medina Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist A powerful new voice among a storied candelabra tradition Santa Fe de la Laguna is a small community in Michoacán known as a center of […]

Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez

Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Love and livelihood sculpted in clay Manuel David Reyes Ramirez and Maricela Gomez Lopez met in Cuernavaca where Manuel was working for the artist Juan Soriano and Maricela was […]

The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts

The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts Mexico/Beaded Jewelry, Sponsored Artist The voice of Wixarika people in every bead The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts, known in Mexico as the “Centro Indígena Huichol,” was founded […]

Francisco Javier Sanchez Rios

Francisco Javier Sanchez Rios Mexico/Metal Jewelry, Sponsored Artist The heart of a Mexican family bound in filigree One day while visiting the artisan development school in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Francisco Javier Sanchez Rios and his wife, Maria del Refugio Blanco Lopez, […]

Fernando Nieto Castillo

Fernando Nieto Castillo Mexico/Ceramics, Sponsored Artist Making it new: clay continuum in a modern form Fernando Nieto Castillo comes from a traditional family clay workshop San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. In the 1950s his grandmother, Doña Rosa, invented the shiny finish […]

Colectivo Yolcuu Ñomndaa Tejiendo Resistencia

Colectivo Yolcuu Ñomndaa Tejiendo Resistencia Mexico/Apparel, Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home A collective sum of a Amuzgas textile collective This group of seven Nnancue Ñomndaa (indigenous Amuzgas) women from the community of Suljaa or Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero, has come together in […]

Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez

Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez Mexico/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Newly found inspiration in the traditional shawls of Tlahuitlotepec Bonifacio Vásquez Pacheco and Aurelia Gómez Jiménez live in Tlahuitlotepec, a small, isolated town in the Mixe region of the mountains […]

Tsuyo Onodera & Maki Aizawa

Tsuyo Onodera & Maki Aizawa Japan/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Hands gather to create, protect, and sustain community Tsuyo Onodera, a master kimono maker, has been in the kimono industry for fifty years. Together with her daughter, Maki Aizawa, they have been […]

WomenWeave Charitable Trust

WomenWeave Charitable Trust India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home A global platform for ancient handloom weaving In today’s global economy India’s ancient arts of handloom and rural weaving are in jeopardy. Threatened by demographic shifts and economic stresses, young weavers […]

Pachan Premjibhai Siju

Pachan Premjibhai Siju India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Weavings as witness to climate change For centuries the weavers of Kutch, the nomadic Rabaris, and the settled Ahirs worked together as a sustainable network of weavers, dyers, and clients. Each ethnic community had […]

Adil M. Khatri and Zakiya Adil Khatr

Adil M. Khatri and Zakiya Adil Khatr India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist A bandhani connection of family and tradition Bandhani is a tie-dye technique practiced in Gujarat and Rajasthan, Kutch being best-known as the center of its production. Experts believe the technique […]

Abdul Majid

Abdul Majid India/Apparel, Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Redefining ancient techniques with poetic hands “I am an artist by blood and profession both,” says Abdul Majid, who learned block printing and textile design from his father, Abdul Rashid, their family […]

Gabriel Bien-Aimé

Gabriel Bien-Aimé Haiti/Sculpture, Sponsored Artist Playful sculpture reveals deeper cultural roots and masterful execution Gabriel Bien-Aimé was born in Croix-des-Bouquets, widely considered the cradle of Haitian cut-out metal sculpture, thanks to artists such as Georges Liautaud. His works portray a […]

Rosario Ratzán

Rosario Ratzán Guatemala/Apparel, Sponsored Artist Tzʼutujil Mayan community’s young and inspired voice Rosario Ratzán’s colorful designs and intricate beadwork and embroidery are inspired by her father’s heritage as a respected painter of the Mayan Tzʼutujil community. Ratzán’s mother, a master […]

Eric Adjetey Anang

Eric Adjetey Anang Ghana/Sculpture, Sponsored Artist A maker’s evolution from utility to art Design coffins are an innovation of Kane Kwei, who made the first design coffin in 1951. Originally meant as a palanquin for a chief, it was turned […]

Guillermo Estrada Viera

Guillermo Estrada Viera Cuba/Painting & Drawing, Sponsored Artist Engraving new life into found objects The work of Guillermo Estrada Viera is a creative combination of two completely unrelated traditions in Cuba: engraving and rations. Engraving has a long and rich […]

Leonidas Gutiérrez

Leonidas Gutiérrez Colombia/Sponsored Artist, Textiles for Home Handwoven traditions from the Amazon The jigra is an important item for the Koreguaje people of Colombia’s Amazon rainforest. Leonidas Gutiérrez and Artesanías Koreguaje Pairepa–an informal group of community members–create these bags, made […]

Gary González

Gary González Colombia/Apparel, Basketry, Sponsored Artist Cultural preservation meets cultural relevance The technique of hat weaving by the Wayúu people of northern Colombia has passed for generations from elders to children. Traditionally the hat is worn by Wayúu men and, […]

Huang Changping

Huang Changping China/Metal Jewelry, Sponsored Artist Exceptionally crafted silver adornments and traditions continued “Miao minority people are fond of silver wares and both men and women love to adorn themselves with silver accessories,” says master silversmith Huang Changping. As early […]

Ferney Mejía Dura

Ferney Mejía Dura Basketry, Sponsored Artist Canaan baskets range in size from monumental to modest The artisans of Colombia’s Asociación Gloria de Dios, founded in 2009, make strikingly intricate, hand-woven baskets using indigenous materials: the fibers of indigenous tetera and chocolatillo plants. […]